Syrphidae links
Fauna Europaea project Fauna Europaea has assembled a database of the scientific names and distribution of all living multicellular European land and fresh-water animals.
Gen information from Syrphidae
Nucleotide: sequence database (GenBank) (English)
Website from Marc van Veen with digitale syrphidae key's
This is perhaps the future of good quick keys (Dutch)
De Syrphidae mailinglist
The English mailing list with over 140 members from all over the world.
The Malloch Scocienty A very intresting society that is dealing with insects from a preservation angle.
Dipterist website, manly Asilidae
This is the most evolved website i know of. You can find information about Diptera, there are a lot of links to all over the world. A must to see, but if you do: take some time for it, course it's worth it.
Insecta Diptera Syrphidae de France
The French Syrphidae website. Nice photo's and information about the French species [French]
The young Diptera site
At this site you can find basic information about different Diptera, including Syrphidae.

Die Schwebfliegen Niedersachsens und bremens

A German syrphidae website for the Niedersacksen
The Volucella site
Want to stay awake? Take a membership on the Volucella. It's a must! [English/German]
Japanse diptera site
Japanese Diptera site. [English]
Francis Gilbert's Homepage
Personal page of Francis Gilbert with a lot of PDF's from his publications!
Chetland wildlive pages
A locale site about Chetland Syrphidae (English)
Hoverflies from Kilpisjärvi-area 1998 with two new species to finnish fauna
Here you will find an Finnish article were two new species for the country are described: , Parasyrphus dryadis (Holmgren) and Platycheirus nigrofemoratus Kanervo.. (English)
Schwebfliegen (Diptera: Syrphidae) des Messeler Forstes (Südhessen)
A nice article from the Messelerwood, southern Germany. The article includes a very beautiful drawn picture of Mallota cimbiciformis(German).
Japanees Syrphidae website A very nice website with very good photo's of collected species. Even undescribed species can be viewed!
A Catalog of the Syrphidae (Insecta: Diptera) of Korea Taxonomic catalog of 151 nominal species of the Korean Syrphidae