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[817/0] Identification from glaurent on 2012-09-27 17:41:16.208742+02 -
Could anybody help me with the identification of this fly??

[818/1] Re: Identification from Bastiaan on 2012-09-28 12:58:05.935649+02 -
Hello there, This would be a Tachinidae specie. (So not a hoverfly ;)) Please ask at they will know the specie I guess regards, Bastiaan

[819/2] Re: Re: Identification from glaurent on 2012-09-29 16:02:34.974988+02 -
Thanks a lot for the info. Best regards.

[814/0] What is the license of the distribution maps? from fernando.lison on 2012-09-05 08:25:06.158306+02 -
That's the question:
I like use the map of distribution of Scaeva selenitica (
in my free software educational project Animalandia (
Who is the author?
What is the license of the distribution maps?

[815/1] Re: What is the license of the distribution maps? from Bastiaan on 2012-09-11 15:09:38.273938+02 -
Hi Fernando,

This is a very good question where I have never thought of.  In the first place the focus till now is Europe so the global view you used is not usable as most countries in the world are not included (see the checklist overview). So best only use the European map.
I am the author so far and have to find a better solution to quoting this data, I would say GPL or CC-BY-SA but they inflict eachother. In the future I would like even that members are able to add or remove species from checklists and then the data and authorship becomes a bit more complex.

So for the quoting like you did will be sufficient for now.

regards, Bastiaan

[816/2] Re: Re: What is the license of the distribution ma from fernando.lison on 2012-09-20 17:57:15.149537+02 -
Hi Bastiaan.
Thank you for your reply.
I had retired the map of Scaeva selenitica, but I will go to public, and I quote 'Bastiaan Wakkie' like the autor with license GPL (I prefer!!) with a link to
Best wishes!

[812/0] 3 times Rhingia from leendert on 2012-08-12 22:54:11.010994+02 -

Today when hiking with my family in the Ardennen (Belgium) from Bomal to Sy in the river valley of the Outhe I hand-collected all three species of Rhingia. At the entrance of a small cave (Grotte du Coleptere) east of Bomal I collected a femal R. rostrata (my first one! relatively small Rhingia; indeed a curved mouthpart, abdomen very pale colored and leggs all red). In the forest just east of Sy I collected a male of R. borealis (relatively small Rhingia, thorax black, a little shiny and abdomen with a distinct black pattern). R. campestris was encountered in numbers at several sites along the road.  

Greetings Leendert-Jan van der Ent

[813/1] Re: 3 times Rhingia from jonas on 2012-08-29 18:47:13.282707+02 -
Hi all, I want to stress the message from Frank on about Rhingia rostrata! All observations of this species can be send to Frank, he will be glad ;-)
In this respect: on 6th of august I encountered 6 R.rostrata in Hansurlesse, good numbers for this species. On 7th of august I finally found Chrysotoxum intermedium, a species I wanted to see in Belgium since I started with hooverflies. This was in the neighbourhood of Libin. I know only one recent observation (Belvaux, around 2006?). Before this, it really was a long time ago but I dont have exact numbers.
Bye, Jonas Mortelmans

[811/0] Cheilosia morio in the Netherlands from Gerard Pennards on 2012-07-15 19:13:29.83031+02 -
Dear All,
After Frank caught a pair of Cheilosia morio for the first time in Belgium last year, I caught a pair of this species new for  the Netherlands.
In the eastern part of the country in a forest called Bergherbos a pair of C. morio was caught at march 24 on blooming Salix sp.
Nadat Frank  Cheilosia morio al voor het eerst in Belgie gevangen had afgelopen jaar, heb ik nu ook een paartje van deze soort nieuw voor Nederland gevangen op 24 maart. Dit in het Bergherbos in de Achterhoek, beide beesten vlak na elkaar op hetzelfde bloeiende wilgje!

[810/0] Helophilus affinis in Belgium from Frank on 2012-07-07 10:26:58.002282+02 -
Hi all
yesterday I caught the first Helophilus affinis for Belgium - a male feeding on Scirpus maritima at Kieldrecht near Antwerp. Since this species often comes in numbers from the north or the east, I like to report it on this website. It may prove worthy paying extra attention to Helophilus in the coming weeks.  
Hallo allen,
gisteren de eerste Helophilus affinis voor België - een heerlijke man foergarend op zeebies en een langverwachte nieuwkomer! Aangezien deze soort vaak in aantal uit het noorden of oosten komt afzakken wil ik het hier graag even vermelden zodat anderen ook wat extra aandacht aan de helophilus-en kunnen geven de komende weken. Wie weet worden er nog wel wat gevonden!



[807/0] Intresting observation of Xanthogramma leatum from Bastiaan on 2012-06-15 10:05:16.346593+02 -
Yesterday was sunshine after 2 weeks of bad weather. Time to get myself to the Sonian Forest. Jonas Moertelmans and Chantal Martens thought apparently the same as I met them there.
I had put myself on a very specific taks: find oviposting Xanthogramma (Olbiosyrphus) leatum as I discovered a small population last month. I returned 3 times and every time I was able to see several of them.

Yesterday I took some more time to follow females and to my luck one of them was indeed ovipositing in a grass pol.
I brought the egg with me and Jonas Moertelmans was kind enough to take a picture of it.
Unfortunately last night the grass dried out and crushed the egg. I will have get me a new one when the rain has stopped as the sun is gone again today.

As Xanthogramma (Olbiosyrphus) leatum is thought to be associated with root mealybug I also took one grass pol with me where I have seen an oviposting Xanthogramma leatum to see If I could find something intresting. I will keep you posting...[edit: fixed typos]

[808/1] Re: Intresting observation of Xanthogramma leatum from Bastiaan on 2012-06-17 13:24:48.24716+02 -
As of the gras pol I took with me. I did put it in a pot and was unable to find any mealybug so far, Only springtails, snails, mites and some small worms.

[803/0] Psilota exilistyla again from Frank on 2012-05-24 23:01:24.886828+02 -
today I caught again psilota exilistyla, this time near the Belle croix in the Hautes fagnes. It was feeding in Anthriscus sylvestris. Also a male and a female P. anthracina were at that same spot.
Very good numbers of syrphids today over there, with many Epistrophe cryptica, some E. obscuripes, a handful of Myolepta vara, and so on.


[805/1] Re: Psilota exilistyla again from Bastiaan on 2012-06-03 14:19:37.199033+02 -
Hi Frank,.

(I already wrote you in email as you know but it is nice to mention it here too ;-))

I went to the same spot a few days later and also found 5 male Psilota exilistyla and 3 female!! But no P.anthracina no Myolepta vara and no Epistrophe cryptica but 2 E.obscuripes! Really bizare.  The amount of species flying around is really crazy at the moment. I also found a Brachyopa panzeri and that makes my first apparently! As I could now better compare with all B.panzeri from the Sonian Forest (2009 till 2012) which are Brachyopa dorsata instead (time for the second article about a new Brachyopa for Belgium ;-))!
At the Reinhartstein castle in the Warche I caught also a Rhingia borealis.

[806/2] Re: Re: Psilota exilistyla again from jonas on 2012-06-04 10:29:52.824996+02 -
And so I went to the haute fagnes too last week, weather was quit bad (a lot of rain), but in the short sunny periods a real hoverfly festival. E. cryptica, R.borealis (two locations), C.lasiopa, C.valgus and curvipes!, T.joratensis, Blera, D.lenensis, B.panzeri, B.vittata, a possible P.sticticus (have to compare with my collection), X.meigeana... To bad, no exilistyla. But still, I'm happy ;-) Cheers; Jonas

[799/0] Nice Psilota in Belgium from joachim.mergeay on 2012-04-28 08:40:11.696234+02 -
Since Frank is too busy catching rare hoverflies in is garden, I cant resist posting this on his behalf.
Apart from a handful of first class observations including Platycheirus discimanus, Dasysyrphus pauxillus, Brachiopa bicolor, B. insensilis, B. panzeri he also found yesterday 27.04.2012 2 males of PSILOTA EXILISTYLA
This must be the second observation of this species in Belgium, since Menno Reemers first catch in 2009?

This said, I see that there is whole lot of records made by Dutch syrphers in Belgium that are not registered in
It would be great to submit these records sometime.


[798/0] hello. from ismeit on 2012-04-10 10:48:58.901461+02 -
hello, i am newbie here. i am a photographer who shoots macro images and seeks help in ID some insects.

can i attach  images here or how do i post images to get some feedback please ?


[809/1] Re: hello. from Bastiaan on 2012-06-25 22:14:32.125535+02 -
Hi Basil,

I am working on a new system to upload images to the server or add external images. Both way will work soon. For now you can already add external images.


[797/0] Mallota fuciformis from joachim.mergeay on 2012-04-02 15:22:15.601988+02 -
Today in my garden in Ransberg (Belgium) I stayed at the lookout besides a short blackthorn hedgerow for half an hour. I repeatedly missed some interesting-looking critters, but finally managed to catch my first Mallota fuciformis ever. And ten minutes later a second one!


[796/0] ambiguus and fusiformis from Bastiaan on 2012-03-27 18:45:02.649476+02 -
Hi All, As most of you I guess you are as pleased as me with the weather. So I took myself to my favourite spots and found (next to the standard early spring species two Mallota fuciformis (Fabricius, 1794)  and a new specie of the "Rood Klooster" area a male Platycheirus ambiguus (Fallén, 1817) Both on Prunus spinosa  (blackthorn). 

[792/0] I am new to this forum from pierre mille on 2012-02-05 16:13:51.077791+01 -

Hello every one,

I am new to this forum, I study the hoverflies for 3 years as an amateur !

Best wishes


Hello every one,


I am new to this forum, I study the hoverflies for 3 years as an amateur !


Best wishes



[793/1] Re: I am new to this forum from Bastiaan on 2012-02-09 09:01:12.252497+01 -
Hi Pierre,

Welcome! I guess this spring the forum gets into real action ;-)


[794/2] Re: Re: I am new to this forum from pierre mille on 2012-02-11 20:08:04.251117+01 -

Hi Bastiaan,

I am not worried we must wait yet a little month ! What bothers me is that I am not sure to use the forum as it should, I have my message twice 

Best wishes


Hi Bastiaan,

I am not worried we must wait yet a little month ! What bothers me is that I am not sure to use the forum as it should, I have my message twice 

Best wishes


[795/3] Re: Re: Re: I am new to this forum from Bastiaan on 2012-02-28 15:27:33.756241+01 -
I see what you mean... the first form is only used for the english langage
The second is for the translation in for you french for instance